Stopping child trafficking...setting kids free to soar


A strategic way to reach millions of children at a time

In many countries around the world, radio is a strategic way to reach hundreds of millions of children and their parents easily and cost effectively. That’s why Born2Fly developed a 10-episode dramatized radio program for children designed to prevent child trafficking.

The program, called "Born to Fly," is the story of a caterpillar named Blossom who has a dream to fly. In her quest to follow her dream, she learns some important lessons -- the hard way, of course, or we wouldn't have a story!

Each episode in this delightful program is 15 minutes and includes original instrumental theme music. As with everything we do, our goal is not just to keep kids from being trafficked but to encourage them to dream big and tell them they were "born to fly."

Broadcasters anywhere in world can translate and air this program to help protect their own country's children from traffickers -- reaching literally hundreds of millions of children with a strong anti-trafficking message in their own language.

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Worldwide: What's the quickest most cost-effective way to reach hundreds of millions of kids before the traffickers do? By radio! Born2Fly created a delightful dramatized radio program for kids that broadcasters anywhere in the world can translate and air.

Q: How can we reach hundreds of millions of at-risk children at a time? Kids who may be illiterate, poor, or don’t go to school…kids who have no other way to hear an anti-trafficking message?

 A: Radio