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At Born2Fly we stop child trafficking by reaching kids before the traffickers do -- with free trafficking-prevention curriculum available in 10 languages and downloadable on this site.

Nearly 1,000 organizations in 65+ countries have registered to download and teach the Born2Fly program. You can, too. Just fill out the 
registration form. Once we approve your request, we’ll let you know how to download whatever materials you need.

We give away our curriculum and wordless book without charge all over the world thanks to the generosity of our donors.

If child trafficking makes you angry, help us reach kids before the traffickers do by teaching Born2Fly's powerful trafficking-prevention program to your kids and teens. It's a free download. Just click here.

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Born2Fly's statement on

Planned Parenthood

One type of child trafficking is organ trafficking -- removing a child's organs and selling them for profit. This is child trafficking no matter if the child is killed before, after, or even during removal of their organs. 

Born2Fly stands against child trafficking in all forms, including organ trafficking and we call on Planned Parenthood to stop this gruesome practice.

Please read our full statement here.

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